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Victor Gill Ramirez

Yesterday at the DLP headquarters in George Street, Belleville, St Michael, former Government ministers Stephen Lashley, Donville Inniss, Dr David Estwick and candidate for Christ Church West Verla De Peiza took turns tearing into what was deemed as a “flawed stimulus programme”.

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“I’m trying to understand how that (the Budget) marries and works with a declining economy, a shrinking revenue base,” Estwick, the former minister of agriculture, said as he lambasted the Prime Minister’s plans.

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“So I go to the fact that if that is happening, I cannot see how you are going to achieve any of those targets.

Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela

“It cannot be achieved; not in an economy that is heading to a recession. That is economic foolishness,” he declared

Lashley, who was chairman of the meeting, also laid into the package

“Our perspective . . . is based on the immediate impact of this Budget on Barbadians. And the question we ask is: will Barbadians be better off after this budget? I believe the answer . . . will be no,” the former MP for Christ Church West Central added

Lashley accused the new Government of increasing taxes, something for which the DLP was chastised

The former minister of sport and culture said Mottley’s administration had also increased Government expenditure, threatening to cause the country to regress

Lashley explained the DLP would soon release a more detailed response to the Budget. (AD)

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