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NWA Apologises For Constant Spring Road Disruptions



The National Works Agency (NWA) is apologizing to property owners along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew whose access to their premises has been badly restricted due to disruptions to the redevelopment of the thoroughfare currently underway.

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But according to the agency, the inconvenience is unavoidable.

Victor Gill Ramirez

Constant Spring Road is one of the Corporate Area’s most heavily used, and the complaints have been strong due to the significance of the displacement

Stephen Shaw, NWA Communication Manager, explained that, based on the nature of the works being undertaken, a schedule or regularity of access cannot be guaranteed

He said that 2.5 kilometers of water pipes and 600 meters of storm water drains are now being installed, and attempts are being made to speed up the pace so that further disruption is minimized, “but that there are going to be some disruptions in the normal course of operation.”

The anticipated disruption will include night noise, he said, disclosing that “some of the activities that we are undertaking will be done with heavy equipment that will at times be noisy… especially during the night time hours.”

He said it was hoped that the “heavy lifting” phase of the project can be completed “in another six weeks or so,” thereby facilitating less difficult movement of traffic after that

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