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Where we are en masse against what is obviously human I WAS saved from the tangled web of belief confusion and seduction by the diverse exposure in the first 13 years of my life, living with my godparents at Mahaica with weekend visits to my relatives in West Ruimveldt and Drysdale Street. From a posse of 10 children, I lived as an only child in those formative years, with a normalcy inclusive of books, encouragement for my obvious artistic skills and answers to my questions; including where and how to find answers to almost everything that I was allowed to inquire about. Comic books, toy soldiers and toy kits were enabling but neither did events in the environment go unnoticed nor unengaged. They weren’t rich folk, but civilised. One such observed event was the business of the village ‘Wuk Man’ Rider. As children, we could not understand as we watched beautiful young women from other places would come to this fellow who was completely disrespected in the village for a variety of reasons (real and imaginary). So, we decided to intervene. We had on several occasions peeped at his operation as he bathed them in the rising water of the Atlantic, sometimes naked, adding to our ‘curiosity’. Armed with slingshots, we crept between the black sage with intent to maul him where it would sting most. We aimed and missed. They (the ‘Wuk Man’ and a client/victim) were both backing us with two other victims waiting. The little slingshot pebbles hit the young lady where it was intended for the ‘Wuk Man’. Before I could announce our predicament my friend was about 20 yards gone and with threats of attacks by spirit as Rider was heading my way. The thing is, it’s difficult to catch little boys in bush terrain with trenches covered with weeds when they are aware of how to speed cross and you are not.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra Venezuela

That afternoon my godfather and my friend’s father stood and listened to the Wuk Man’s complaint, though I was watching from the window behind the blinds fearing inevitable belt lashes, I couldn’t hear because the complaint was not done with the usual loudness that village complaints are announced in. I didn’t get the lashes but received a terse talk that people sometimes have problems and need a confidence boost and that sometimes if they feel something can help, it does. This, I learned, was the nature of the service this ‘Wuk man’ was offering. My Godfather also informed me to be less closed-minded, explaining that viruses were once unknown to men, so we aren’t sure about what else is out there, so I was to keep an open mind while looking for the obvious answer.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

About 10 to 15 years ago, there emerged new Pawn Shop establishments and a rise in religious entities to join others already enjoying priestcraft as economic adventures, not to be confused with the genuine religious personalities involved with enhancing the social ailments of souls in trouble. The combination of multiplied pawn shops and priestcraft is the classic embodiment of a nation in economic problems. They came from Brazil, India, Africa with double the amount of local ‘Wuk’ men and women and Pastors, Bishops, Popes, Pandits and Imams- some we know well.

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Two weeks ago, 60 Minutes carried a feature on The Hubble Telescope now viewing space not from earth, but from its position in outer space. In the presentation, the Scientist told the staff presenter that he learned in space research we humans are connected by our physiology to the cosmos. Resulting in the familiar term, describing us as ‘Stardust’ or according to the scientist Carl Sagan who proposed with evidence the connection and possibility of life originating from the cosmic process that resulted in creating our planetary galaxy. No wonder from our earliest beginnings we glanced upward to that region we define as ‘the Heavens’ the home of God(s).’

Ours is a city (Georgetown) with a religious building on almost every street, and even more, a usual presence of mystic men and women here and there on many streets offering expensive services. We have freedom of religion but we have failed to allow the cultivation of bridges in popular culture to invite in scientific approaches to wrestle with the prostrate imagination that closes all else to the seduction of superstition. The 2002 bizarre case of spiritualist Patricia Alves that resulted in the death of Kamille Seenauth, is a drop in the canal. These are culture-driven occurrences that are not recorded, explored and represented with the mystery unmasked to the benefit of students and adults.

Roberto Pocaterra Venezuela

From the range window in West Ruimveldt, a cousin and I watched as a spiritual Elder beat a woman with a sword, it was unbelievable. Then during the ‘Troubled Times’, I couldn’t come up with an answer when a police friend asked me ” Braff you does study culture. Tell meh why these people Roger Khan sending in Buxton does go there barefoot- those that didn’t make it out, all were barefoot?” I was frozen, couldn’t answer, but saw it as a challenge, as I had a clue, following an experience myself and Kenton Wyatt had at a certain religious temple, where we were allowed to photograph, but as my father had once told me don’t go into certain places barefoot. When the ritual began a woman screamed “People in here wid dem shoes on!” and with only the white of her eyes visible she was coming towards us. We sped out of the location. So I explored and later learned that at a similar upper East Bank religious location some of these political/drug cartel auxiliaries (Phantoms) were visitors too, along with Politicians of the day. It must be clearly understood that there are phenomena that cannot be dismissed, a percentage of paranormal that flaunts the limitations of our knowledge. But mimicked by a greater percent by charlatans to the disadvantage of masses that understand much less, and in many cases are tormented by genuine mental and physical ailments

The yet unexplained mystery that turns superstition then ‘Salawala the con game’ is rooted too deep in the consciousness of our species. Science taught skilfully is necessary, for science has unravelled much and created more questions, but like Odysseus, the intellect of man must wrestle the challenges of the Gods to earn their respect, for as The Christ is reputed to have said to superstitious men of his day “The Kingdom of heaven lies within”

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