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South American 10K second leg officially launched

Banks DIH on board with Banks Malta and Rainforest Waters OVER 50 athletes, drawn from within South America and the Caribbean, are expected to participate in the second leg of this year’s South American 10K, according to president of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) Aubrey Hutson.

Hutson, at the time of the announcement, was addressing the gathering of media, athletes and officials of Banks DIH at the official launch of the 16th edition of the prized 10K event yesterday at Thirst Park.

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The AAG president revealed that 2018 South American 10K will host its first leg in Suriname next weekend, following which, the athletes will turn their attention to Guyana for the second leg, before heading to Panama for the third and final leg.

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According to Hutson, based on information received from his counterparts in South America and the Caribbean, some of the top and well-known athletes are geared to compete in Guyana, where the winner of the male and female categories, apart from the cash incentive, will win ‘real gold’ medals

It was advised that unlike previous years, with the help of the Guyana Police Force, the entire 10K route will be closed to traffic and only authorised vehicles will be allowed

Meanwhile, Communication Officer, Troy Peters, who was part of the local organising committee for the inaugural South American 10K, said that the event is one of the most important for distance athletes in Guyana, since, for many, it provides a platform where they are able to compete with the best within the South American region, and often times the Caribbean

Peters further noted that as a company, Banks DIH is always willing to support the event, and this year, will be offering support with their Banks Malta and award-winning Rainforest Waters brand

The race will start on Carifesta Avenue at the GTT Earth Station, from where the athletes will proceed to the Rupert Craig Highway, make a U-turn at the University of Guyana junction, and then head onto the Kitty Public Road, into Vlissengen Road, on to Thomas Lands and into the National Park for the finish.

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