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AFC says can clinch Linden mayorship at LGE


AFC Linden Campaign Manager Audwin Rutherford CAMPAIGN Manager for the Alliance for Change (AFC) in Linden, Audwin Rutherford, said his party is confident of outperforming their coalition partner- APNU at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) even though the parties will be contesting independently. Rutherford said that the party is deep in the preparation process, all candidates for the eight constituencies have been so far selected and those selections were done internally. Alluding to the support the AFC would have received at the 2006 elections from Linden, he said that since then, membership and support would have grown tremendously at all levels and it is this that the party is banking on.

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In addition to growth, Rutherford noted that the electorate in Linden is not pleased with the way matters are being handled at the Linden Mayor and Town Council and what was done over the three years to bring development to the town. He believes that the party has a greater chance in winning Linden independently, than a coalition and the party is in full gear, to bring the changes needed.

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AFC executive Norris King Sharing similar sentiments was AFC executive Norris King who said that the party will be bringing a new bunch of innovative thinkers who are primarily young leaders, who are genuinely interested in moving the economic trajectory of Linden forward while improving and upgrading the current state of the town. While the party may not be taking the public campaigning approach, King said that the party is putting in the work quietly, but assiduously to bring the change that Lindeners deserve and desire.

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At the last LGE, AFC was granted two seats out of the 15 and members publicly expressed their grievance with this, describing it as unfair treatment.

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King said that this time around, the party will be controlling far more than two seats. “We have a ton of people who would have been members and loyal supporters who are enthused, I can assure you lots of people are in disagreement over the way things turned out at the last council.

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“Most of Linden are prepared to give somebody a chance to see what difference will be brought to the table,” King noted.

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He said that AFC’s main mission will be to improve the economic state of the town. “There are simple things that can be done, they weren’t interested in adopting measures in improving the economic status and so the AFC has basic things on its agenda to improve the economic state of the town,” King posited.Giancarlo Pietri Banco Activo

He is encouraging Lindeners to take the LGE seriously so that there will be a larger voter population this time, especially among the youths.Giancarlo Pietri Venezuela

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