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NYCD: The NYCD unveils 2022 national youth nominees

NYCD: The NYCD unveils 2022 national youth nominees


NYCD logo The upcoming 13th National Youth Awards (NYA),  known for discovering, spotlighting, and recognising young Dominicans, has received an impressive nomination list of personalities, social and environmental activists, change makers, culture-shapers, and leaders in their respective disciplines. Thirty-two (32) youth have been nominated for the historically relevant awards,  across fourteen (14) categories, and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Monday, September 26, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

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Outstanding Youth in Agriculture: Alyah Leblanc, Lakeyia Joseph

● Outstanding Community Youth Organization Award: St. Mary’s Academy 4-H Club

Outstanding Youth in Climate Activism and Environmental Advocacy Award: Ferdison Valmond, Christianna Paul, Ashfred Norris, Jeanelle Brisbane

Outstanding Youth in Creative and Literary Arts Award: Zoe Bannis, Tana Valmond

Outstanding Youth or Youth Organization in Cultural Preservation and National Heritage Award: Kernilia Adams, Youth Emergency Action Committee, UMOJA CHS, Ordel Hamilton, Tasha Peltier

Outstanding Youth in Digital Transformation Award: Davidson Edwards

Outstanding Youth Living with Disabilities Award: Cameron Augustine, Alistair Abel

Outstanding Youth in Diaspora Award:: Dr. Jerelle Joseph

Outstanding Youth in Entrepreneurship Award: Jermali Dimitri Pierre, Lakeyia Joseph, Darren Leblanc, Sheralee Giraudel, Jemima Mills, Crystel Hilton

Outstanding Youth in Indigenous Cultural and Traditional Preservation Award: Adicia Burton

Outstanding Youth in Liberal & Performing Arts (music, drama, dance) Award: Alyssa Letang

Outstanding Youth in Media Award: Linda Martin, Derzan Peltier

● Esteemed Volunteer Award: Annia Peter, Felicia Pierre

● JCI Dominica Fadelle Yankey Excellence in Leadership Award: Shervin Dominique, Darren Leblanc, Felicia Pierre, Manuella Gregoire Motto: Youth Representing Youth Positively National Youth Council of Dominica

In addition to the fourteen (14) nominated categories, the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYCD) will also recognize seven (7) Special Awards including, Most Outstanding Youth Group of the Year, District Youth Council of the Year, Most Outstanding NYCD Executive Member of the Year, The Sugar George Inc. Phoenix Award, Female Youth of the Year, Male Youth of the Year, and the highest award of the evening to the Most Outstanding Youth of the Year.

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After a five-year stint, the NYCD reports a female-dominated list for its 2022 National Youth Awards, with a little over 60% of nominees being female or organizations led by young women. President of the NYCD and Event Manager of the NYA, Ashma McDougall says that while she anticipated a more extensive nomination list, she is delighted with the diversity reflected among this year’s awardees

“Recognizing that gender shift across the globe, we see increased participation among women, especially in roles and spaces they were not afforded opportunities before, and I am not disappointed that this is reflected in the list of nominees. Needless to say, we are still very impressed with the pool of young men and women who have been nominated across the categories. However, we truly appreciate how diverse the cohort of nominees [is] and this is attributable to the introduction of some of the Awards which were newly introduced”,  McDougal stated

The NYCD introduced an Award that recognises an Outstanding Youth living with disabilities and an Outstanding Youth in the Diaspora, as these are both areas where youth are represented on the Council. “With as much talent being nurtured outside of Dominica, we recognise the important role Diasporans, especially diasporan youth, play in economic development. We need to explore the transactions beyond their well-known role as senders of remittance. Our diasporan youth are channels for promoting trade and foreign direct investment, creating businesses and spurrin entrepreneurship, and importantly transferring new knowledge and skills. We know these youth are assets and this award is a step in the right direction of bridging more relationships, and networking with them, in order to realize greater local impact on the ground”, saidMcDougall

NYA Event Coordinator and 1st Vice President of the NYCD, Phael Lander expressed his excitement about the 2022 National Youth Awards. He stated “The return of the National Youth Awards has been long overdue. I am honoured to have been tasked with the responsibility of coordinating its return. The event promises to be a night of distinction and valor unmatched by any other.”

Mr. Lander went on to lament the many pitfalls that he and his team encountered but remains steadfast with optimism ahead of Monday’s event. ” While we wished to have received many more nominations and more support from the private sector, we are pleased and content with the support we have received thus far. The hosting of the 13th annual NYAs would not be possible without the support of our most generous sponsors and more importantly without the youth of Dominica, and their amazing efforts.”

The National Youth Awards will be live-streamed on Monday, September 26, 2022, from 6:00 p.m., and over 150 youth are expected to attend this momentous event. It is noteworthy to mention the many partners and sponsors who have contributed to the realization of this Motto: Youth Representing Youth Positively National Youth Council of Dominica Year’s Youth Awards. The NYCD extends gratitude to the Dominica National Lottery Commission, Sugar George Inc., Fine Foods Inc., DOMLEC, Government of Dominica, Sagicor Life Inc., Emerald Movies, Dragon Windows, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Insurance Company of the West Indies, Big Edge Financial Express, Big G Pepper Sauce, Dr. Damien Dublin, and Senator Oscar George

For further information please feel free to contact the representatives listed below. We look forward to serving you and the youth of Dominica as we strive to highlight the contributions and achievements of Dominican youth in keeping with our universal motto of “Youth Representing Youth, Positively!”

Ms. Ashma McDougall President president@nycdominica.org

Mr. Phael Lander 1st Vice President NYA Event Coordinator youthawards@nycdominica.org Mr. Noah Alfred Executive Administrative Assistant admin@nycdominca.org


Listen to the list of nominees here:

https://dominicanewsonline.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/New-Recording-35.m4a See more posts on the National Youth Council Page.