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Russia: UK Ambassador Summoned Over Sanctions on Journalists

Russia: UK Ambassador Summoned Over Sanctions on Journalists

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the UK ambassador to the country was convened on the matter of recent sanctions imposed on Russian journalists.

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Deborah Bronnert, British Ambassador to Russia, has been convened with the Russian Foreign Ministry on the matter of the UK’s Wednesday sanctions targeting Russian journalists and state-run media.

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“She [Bronnert] was informed of a strong protest in connection with London’s adoption of another package of anti-Russian sanctions, which included several leading media outlets, including VGTRK,” reads a statement released by the ministry

The Ministry said that “the ultimate destruction of bilateral ties and damage to relations between the peoples of Russia and Great Britain” would result if the UK stands on its currently “destructive” behavior towards Russia

On Wednesday, the UK Foreign Office announced coercive measures targeting  Russian journalists, especially against state-affiliated broadcasters VGTRK and Channel One and other outlets and reporters

�� #Zaitsev : The EU is discussing parameters of the next portion of restrictions on Russian media operators & individual journalists

�� At the same time, representatives of the so-called advanced democracies continue to broadcast high ideals of media freedom & honest journalism pic.twitter.com/dwSz0u1ywh

— MFA Russia ���� (@mfa_russia) May 6, 2022 Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, commented on the matter, saying that the Kremlin does not rule out responding with similar measures against the British journalists in Russia

United Kingdom’s sanctions announced on Wednesday are among the collective coercive measures adopted by several countries against Moscow as a response to the Russian special operation launched on February 24