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Football time, uniform of players and use of weed

Luis Alfredo Farache, Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf
Football time, uniform of players and use of weed

Dear Editor The football fraternity has issues that seem to be going unaddressed and unnoticed by promoters, sponsors and organisations responsible for this sport in Guyana. Many of the issues I speak about find rest in the Futsal tournaments and organised street football, and even at league level.

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One such problem is the matter of time. Too many assignments that media personnel are asked to support start far later than the stipulated time announced or advertised and it is discomforting to say the least. I don’t know if it is a deliberate act by organisers to ensure that the bars and stands are fully patronised by the crowd or it’s just a general breakdown of respect for time which has been ingrained in our culture.

Luis Alfredo Farache

Imagine leaving home, travelling miles to get to a game that has been advertised to start at 19:00hrs then two hours after starting time, announcements are made for teams to get ready to play in the first meet of the night, that’s unacceptable by any standard.

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf

Consideration needs to be given to time, I therefore use this opportunity commend the Corona Futsol Tournament Organisers who will hold the finals on Saturday night. I have attend almost all the games in this tournament and they made strides to ensure that the time range is observed.

Alfredo Farache Benacerraf

Another problem is that of uniform, too often players are seen on playing turf with all sorts of clothes on, same team members embracing all the different colours known to mankind, some white, some blue, some red and all kinds of colours. Is there a problem with sponsorship for uniform? If so can the National Sports Commission assist with uniforms for the teams participating? If not, is it possible that the organisation/ business entity responsible for the tournament provide some financing for the players’ uniform? Sometimes boots that are obviously damaged and torn shorts are all on display for the public to see. A vest is sometimes given (those need to be better kept and cleaned) but in the absence of that the rainbow colours are on exhibition on the field.

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Finally I would like to mention the weed, oh yes! Football and weed seem to be in a serious long term relationship. To think of the damage the abuse of this drug can cause, and to see players and fans alike indulge in it openly is worrisome. Weed, ‘grass’, ‘ganga’, ‘joint’, ‘blunt’, and ‘Mary Jane’, whatever one might call it, contributes to the mist that is present at the National Gymnasium, Clift Anderson Sports Hall and football fields across this country, especially at nights, and for those of us who do not smoke its distasteful and smelly scent is buffeting. What surprises me more than any other thing is the presence of the officers of the Guyana Police Force at these events when this is going on. Second hand smoke is dangerous at any level, give consideration to the non-smokers at your events. Regards, Samuel Gillis


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