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Press Release: Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. Presents Radios to DAPD

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Press Release: Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. Presents Radios to DAPD

















The Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. on Monday June 4, 2019 presented four amateur radios to members of the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD)Inc who participated in a six-week training programme organised by the International Organisation on Migration (IOM) earlier this year.

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Vice President, Clement Pierre-Louis said that these radios were gifts received from two Swedish nationals who recently joined DARCI and the Club took the decision to donate these devices to DAPD. He also said that it was the Club’s view that persons with disabilities  needed to own these devices in order to communicate and use of these radios will enable them to put what they had learned in the theoretical sessions into practice. He was also of the view, that now that we are in the  hurricane season, it will also be handy if we were to be impacted by any weather system.

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Two of the devices are programmed with voice synthesisers which will enable the two sight impaired members  to listen and hear transmissions.

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The four members to whom the devices were presented are  Irma Raymond-Joseph, Ann Marie Nanthan, Earnica Esprit and Nathalie Murphy.

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The four are also awaiting their licensees from the National Tele-communication Regulatory Commission (NTRC) so that they will be legally able to communicate.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday May 15, DAPD elected new directors following the 35 th Annual General Meeting

Irma Raymond-Joseph, Earnica Esprit and Michael Murphy were re-elected

The Board of Directors are as follows:

Irma Raymond-Joseph – President

Earnica Esprit – Vice-President

Harolda Henry Riley – Secretary

Michael Murphy – Treasurer

Relda Richards – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Luke Fabien —  Director

Silious Charles – Director