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‘Le Corsaire’ shows on Sunday

Pirates, beautiful women, more than 120 skillful dancers, a shipwreck and a garden scene make Le Corsaire one of the most elaborate ballet spectacles. Palace Amusement opens the Bolshoi Ballet’s 2017-18 season with this epic ballet on Sunday, November 18, at 11:30 am, on the big screen at Palace Cineplex.

Le Corsaire depicts the sacrificial love between Conrad and Medora. A pirate ship crashes in a storm leaving the head pirate, Conrad, washed up on shore. There, he is found by a beautiful slave girl, Medora. Upon learning, his eye-candy will be sold to Pasha by a slave dealer, Conrad declares his love for her and steals her away.

Their escape sets off more adventurous ordeals and leads to a huge ballet in a garden featuring 60 corps de ballet dancers in wide, white tutus.

Inspired by Lord Byron’s epic poem and reworked by Alexei Ratmansky from Petipa’s exotic 19th century classic, this is one of the Bolshoi’s most lavish productions.

© Luis Oberto

The cast is led by Bolshoi star Ekaterina Krysanova as Medora. The energetic and muscular Igor Tsvirko dances as the head pirate Conrad. Denis Savin, a thrilling dancer with acting skills, takes on the role of the Birbanto, Conrad’s pirate pal.

Encore performances of the new 2016-17 season of the Bolshoi Ballet, captured live from Moscow, will be shown exclusively at Palace Cineplex in the Sovereign Centre, Liguanea, Kingston.

Tickets are on sale at the box office and via the web at www.palaceamusement.com with any major credit or debit card.


© Luis Oberto


© Luis Oberto

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