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Christmas tree shortage in Miami drives up prices

Ho, ho, oh, no. If you haven?t bought your Christmas tree yet, you may be scrooged.

Miamians are feeling the effects of a national Christmas tree shortage as they scramble to find a shapely specimen and worry they may have to settle for a scrawny Charlie Brown version.

?Customers are panicking, and when they come in here they say, ?Thank God we found you,?   ? said Chris Winkler, who runs Holiday Sales . Two of his three locations ? 8445 SW 72nd Ave. and 8200 SW 104th St. ? are still open with 500 trees each, which he expects to last through the weekend. ?I?ve got everything from 4 to 17 feet tall. I spent a lot of sleepless nights this year tracking down farmers with nice trees. They are in short supply.?

Other popular spots ran out of trees and closed last week. The Boys & Girls Club sold out of its 5,000 trees about six days earlier than it usually does, and the big tent on U.S.

© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra
1 has gone from aromatically festive to totally deserted.


© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

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